Our Story

Overly Cheezy is our love story that begins with…you guessed it, Food and Travel! Bringing with us the taste from our travels and our deep appreciation for the delicateness of cheese, we started experimenting like mad scientists in the kitchen collaborating with expert chefs from Japan, Italy, France and, of course, Singapore. After months of perfecting our recipe tadaa! We bring you a fusion of Japanese, Italian and French with a local twist – a shiokness perfect for the Singapore taste buds.

We figured that just having these new flavours wasn’t enough so we invented two unique pizza doughs to accompany our unique flavours – the creamy tomato and the creamy avocado dough.

Infused with milk and tomato, or milk and avocado, our flavours sit atop the creamy and milky pizza base that is bursting with flavour. Blended into the crust are five different cheeses – mozzarella, gruyere, cheddar orange, parmesan and emmental. Talk about going overly cheezy…geddit, geddit?

The distinctiveness of each cheese mixes into a flavour that is like having the National Day parade fireworks in your mouth. We also have an option of a puff pastry pizza base for our adventurous friends who want to try something new.

Our pizzas may sound atas but doesn’t come with the atas price tag. Try it and taste the difference.