The 3 main costs involved in an F&B store are, shop rental, labour cost and food cost. Imagine opening a small shop in the malls whereby you have to pay a ridiculous 5 figure rental just to capture the heavy foot traffic malls can provide. Which means you would have to sell a much higher volume in order to cover the rental cost. This also translates to a higher labour cost to prepare and sell the food items.

Our business model is to bring fine dining pizzas at fast food prices where everyone can enjoy quality pizzas at a fraction of the cost. The mode of sales is mainly through delivery with shops set up in lower human traffic areas. This translates to a lower shop rental cost which means more profit. However, we do market online aggressively so our volume is in fact higher than restaurants in the malls through our unique and quality pizzas.

We also make use of efficient technologies like ordering systems and kitchen systems to automate our operations thus reducing the labour cost.

The end result is being able to enjoy the high volume of sales with a much lower shop rental and labour cost.

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